Monday, June 18, 2012

Jennifer's video, embedded....

I was reading the Chimo blog the other day and discovered that when its author made a "last attempt" to "upload" a video of her art work all she came up with was this:

Now she may have been having trouble over at Youtube, or she may have been having trouble "embedding" the video she had already "uploaded" at Youtube in the Chimo blog.   She may not have been having any trouble at all.  She might have intended to just put a link to the Youtube video into the Chimo blog.

She could have "embedded" it like this so Chimo readers wouldn't have to go anywhere to see it.  They could see the video and stay at Chimo:

In case she was trying to "embed" the video:

Here's a screenshot of the Google Blogger interface I was in when I created this post, just as I was "embedding" the embedded video up there.  Click on the screenshot to bring up a copy big enough to actually see what's going on.  I circled the button in red where I hovered my mouse.

Click on that button.  Up comes a "Select a File" popup box.  Click "From Youtube" from the options on the left.  Enter a search term that would find the video on Youtube.  Select the video.  Click the "Select" button at the bottom of the screen.  Publish the blog.